Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TR-Minus-One Month and Counting...

It's September 16th, which is one month from official release date of our next books, Technical Readouts - Fighters.  These two-dollar PDFs will feature six new starfighters for your game enjoyment and will be available in both Open D6 and OSR (White Star) compatible versions!  I gave my Patreons a preview of the artwork last week, and now it's time for the world to see.

In addition to the starfighters, Technical Readout - Fighters will also feature a full-sized battle map of a small hanger to enhance your game play.  And remember:  Patreons who pledge $1.00 or more get this book - and our entire past book archive - at no extra charge.

There will be more previews as we approach the release date, but in the meantime, Enjoy!

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