Friday, November 18, 2016

But what about all the other stuff!? (Regular Features in LAUNCH WINDOW)

     Boss' note:  For the foreseeable future, we're shooting for a M-W-F post schedule, with Blog-exclusive goodies on Mondays, and info about upcoming issues of LAUNCH WINDOW the other two days.
 TGIF, RocketFans!  For those of you gaming this weekend, have fun.  I'm officially jealous.
     Not that I lack things to keep me busy.  I've just now gotten The Gentleman Scoundrel stats for OSR and D20 completed, and will spend this weekend twisting her crew through multiple chargen systems as well.  I've also started writing the new stories for Issue 1 and hope to start modelling ships for the internal art.  Busy busy busy.
     I wanted to touch base with everyone about the future of some of our more popular product categories.  In the last year alone, I've introduced four new product lines - and only one or two products for each, if that.  This was the kind of diffusion of effort that really bogged me down and made moving forward difficult.  Fortunately, LAUNCH WINDOW has given me a way around all that.
    A big part of the problem was taking a decent little idea and then fleshing it out into a book-sized product.  I can draw a map easy, sure, but trying to sell just one is a disaster, as my first Starmorph product shows.  For example, I've had a new book - Technical Readout: Shuttles! - on the back burner for over six months now, because I haven't been able to develop enough unique and exciting spacecraft to fill a whole book. Another problem is that laying out and editing a book takes more time than developing the content, by a surprising high margin. Not to mention it's the least fun part of the process. So making a whole bunch of little books is neither time effective nor is it fun enough to compensate.  Big fail.
    But LAUNCH WINDOW changed all that.  The magazine is an average of a hundred pages an issue, and I only have to lay it out once.  Even better, it's covers a variety of features and subjects, so I don't need to pad a story or my game content to reach my page goals - I can just add different content. So all those little product categories we developed for independent titles can be folded in as features of the magazine.  One of them, Starmorphs, is already part of Issue 0.5, and we're planning on including it in every issue at least for the full 26-tile series.  Issue 1 will include a Species Spotlight as well, and possibly a Technical Readout, depending on our page numbers.
     The point is, I can finally develop my little ideas in a venue that favors them.  That means a larger variety of content, which make for a more diverse magazine and guarantees something for everybody.  That's the hope, anyway.
     Just like I hope you all have a fun weekend out there in either the real world or the campaign setting of your choice.  See you Monday, Rocket Fans!


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