Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I've Been Working on Instead of Posting...

     Happy Wednesday, RocketFans!
     Profuse Apologies for not posting anything for awhile; the Thanksgiving holiday was busy.  In other news, hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and I've stated the obvious.
     I've (naturally) been working on Issue 1 of LAUNCH WINDOW when I haven't been working on the rules updates for Issue 0.5.  Issue 1 is shaping up well.  It's a monster of content - two stories, several articles and features, some nano-fic, an isometric bonus, and lots of artwork I've got to get finagled.  I've also received offers of help from some of the talented RocketFans - for which I am most grateful.
    Anyway, let's take a look at what we've got going on for Issue 1, shall we?
Stargosy Part 1: The Stargosy series of stories, which we began back in April, have turned out to be enormously popular and I've received more requests to continue the series than I have for just about anything else.  So Issue 1 will see a reboot of the series where the story is expanded and the world building cleaned up a bit.  By which I mean that the series started very "Royal Navy" in feel, then became very "Egyptian Transhuman" as it went on.  So the new version will start out Egyptian and get a more unified theme.  It's turning out well so far!
The Hichikar Ankhmesh (pleases no one) gives his towel
to Imhotep, upon whose lap he has spilled beer.
Let Freedom Ring:  This story is exciting to me, as it will be the first Black Desert fiction to see print!  The Black Desert is by far Blue Max Studio's oldest property - in fact, BD predates Blue Max Studios by over a year.  So to finally see the characters I've developed for the setting come to life is most gratifying.
Species Spotlight: Hichikars: That's not a typo, it the return of of the Species Spotlight feature!  In this entry, we meet a race of shape-shifting humanoid vagabonds that star-hop across the galaxay, trying to kedge a pint at the pub and bringing towels to the masses.  Loads of fun to hang around with but check your pockets afterwards.
Nano-Fic: I've got a few ideas kicking around.  I'll probably put at least two in this issue...
Technical Readout: Pinnace: A brief write-up and plans for a short-ranged aeroshuttle suitable for a wide variety of settings.
Starmorphs: Barracks: Continuing the series, we offer more random tables and another ten by twenty map for your gaming peasure.
     That', that's a lot of stuff.  What am I wasting time chatting fore?  I gotta get to work -

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