Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Some work in progress... (T-MINUS 6 DAYS)

     Six days until the first taste of LAUNCH WINDOW is available for download, and things are coming together nicely.  Thought I'd share a glimpse or three of what you can expect:
 This image is an iso of The Gentleman Scoundrel's control deck(s).  It is easily the most elaborate I've done.  This is only the basic inks - most of the detail work isn't even added yet!


  An example of the layout process in Scribus.  I've actually got some artwork -very little - by another artist as well.  I left the descriptions of the characters deliberately vagueso the design choices for the pics are a pleasant surprise.  As you can tell by the big honking six on the page there, this issue will feature Open D6 stats in the initial release, along with 2D6 rules.   OSR and D20 will be released the following week and an update, with Diaspora as the final update the week after.  Sorry to make you wait, Diaspora fans, but that's the rule system I have the least gaming experience with...and the one that will feature most prominately in the December issue!

     I'll try to show off more tomorrow.   Until then, I hope you enjoy!

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