Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Chance to Post...

     ...At least for a few days.  By then, the computer will (hopefully) be fixed and life can return to normal.  I have nothing to new to show you guys from my own work today, but a I found this awesome web-based miniseries project in production called L5.  It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it!

     Here's a short video from the project's website that details the basics of the series:

L5 - Amazing Science Fiction Miniseries from Stanley Von Medvey on Vimeo.

     Isn't that cool!

They also have a production blog, so you can follow their progress.

   Unfortunately, this is really all I have for you right now.  Hopefully next week we can begin to get back into a routine.  Since the publication date for the Valkyrie is getting so close, I will be focusing on that and showing off excerpts and stuff from the PDF until the 16th, when I'll announce the December offering and start posting articles of space combat in the Black Desert.

     ...At least, that's the plan, anyway... :)

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