Sunday, November 14, 2010

Valkyrie Text Finished with Two Days to Spare!

     ...It looks like I may just pull a rabbit (or an angry beetle-mole) out of my metaphorical hat after all.  With a working OS to back me up, I did indeed get the main body of the Valkyrie text finished just now.  Its been proofread once;  It will be carefully critiqued by my editor (read: wife) as well before moving into the final stage of production, where I add the artwork and stuff.  Still, It looks like a go for launch on schedule after all.
      For those of you thinking about getting into this business, getting your stuff done on time is perhaps the most important thing you can do.  In the publication world, authors that are known to finish on time with mediocre work often get a job over authors that do great work but can't meet deadlines.  Of course, I strive to do great work on time, so hopefully I will get your business over that other guy...
     All this goes double for the indie publisher.  Sure, I can't get fired, but If I don't keep putting out superior content on a regular basis I can suffer a worse fate : I can be forgotten and lost in the sea of literally thousands of other publishers who can post on time.  Anyone who has written a blog and failed to update regularly knows what I'm talking about.  Gamers, who in this decade are older, pickier and have houses, cars and families to spend money on, are not going to give us the benefit of the doubt if we cannot deliver.  There are simply to many other awesome products out there already.
     In all honesty, I hadn't meant to write a whole article on deadlines in this post.  After all, I still have a PDF to finish!  I did, however, want to leave you with a little sample from said PDF, this time in the form of the supplement's Introduction:

      The Valkyrie Anti-Debris Orbital Module is the first fusion-powered spacecraft to be produced in the Eur-African territories. It is considered by many in the Aerospace community to be overly ambitious at best and complete overkill at worst. While the Valkyrie can unquestionably perform the missions it was designed for, the rocket is controversial because of its alternate use: It is one of the few spacecraft that can easily be converted for use in orbital piracy.

     Yes, that's right, I found a plausible use for Pirates....In....SPAAAAACE!
     How, you may ask?  You can find out on the 16th!  Until then, Enjoy, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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