Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Valkyrie Officially on Sale!

     Despite fussy downloads in the middle of the night, the Valkyrie spacecraft is now available through the good offices of DriveThru RPG.com.   On time.  I am happy.
     What now, you may ask?  A little down time between projects?  Not a chance.  I've already started the artwork on our December project:  A Martian Dirigible!  I also plan to release an edit of the Heinlein rocket, since the PDF turned out to have some layout problems.
     I could take a few days off, I suppose...but I'm not going to.  I barely got the Valkyrie finished on time, and I don't intend to be caught out like that again.  If I take any time off, it will be the week before the next release, not the week after this one.  Besides, Thanksgiving will be coming up in a couple of weeks (next week!) and my youngest child's birthday at the beginning of December.  And between his birthday, Jesus' birthday, and my birthday on the 27th, I will be pressed for time sorely and need to get as far ahead as I can.
     So, that's the life of an indie game designer, work, work, work, and no steady pay check.  The only compensation being what you, the RocketFans, decide to spend and the satisfaction that I'm doing something I truly love.
    I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Enjoy the Valkyrie, folks.  After all the complications, I feel like we all earned it.  See you tomorrow!

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