Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Airship Interiors and Mars Images

          Sorry to post so late, RocketFans...today was one of the few days off my wife has before Christmas, so we got the shopping done, the tree up, watched It's a Wonderful Life, and all that holiday goodness.  We have even wrapped all the gifts.  It is both unusual and pleasantly surprising that we are this far ahead on all the Yule-tide chores.

           But that's not to say that I didn't get some stuff done on The Black Desert.  Thanks to the ridiculously powerful open-source CG program Blender, I managed to take my improved Mars map and wrap it into what you see below:

Mars in 2210.  Deimos in the foreground.
              And because the Barsoom goes on-sale in just 2 days, I will give you all another taste of the airship's interior.

          That's all for today, RocketFans.  Tomorrow is the final proofreading and layout session for the Barsoom project, and then...  well, and then I just start all over again.  Anyway, Enjoy!

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