Friday, December 10, 2010

i can has laserz?

          For those who care, My kid's birthday was great!  He did get into the sprinkles again, though....

          Anyway, with only six days left until the release of the Barsoom Airship, It's time for production to shift into high gear.  Pretty much everything next week will be about the Airship (which includes nifty previews and excerpts, so say tuned), so I wanted to leave you on this glorious Friday with something completely different.

          As I've mentioned before, in between projects, or when I get a little spare time, or simply whenever I feel like it, I work on The Black Desert Core Book.  This week I figured out how to get the simple-yet-useful free CG program Wings 3-D to put out a decent mock-up of my laser pistol concept.  It's based on a hand-held Flir camera design that I liked, which is actually a pretty plausible way to design a laser.  I imported a screen cap into GIMP, and produced the line work you see below.  I'm happy with how it tuned out; after the 16th, I'll work up a Long Arm and maybe some others before going full tilt into January's offering.

         In case you're wondering, I do have January's project picked out and it's actually half-way done.  It will tie into my article for the premier issue of D6 Magazine, so I'm excited about that.

          But that isn't laser guns, is it?  This is:

          Hope you enjoy and I'll see you Monday!

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