Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EVA Combat

Day Officially Ruined.

          It took all day and about three computer crashes, but I finally got this pic finished!

           You'll notice that the woman looped her adversary's tether around her leg to get the leverage to crack his visor.  This kind of thing is important in Hard SF.  More about free-fall combat can be found here.


  1. Ah, micro-gee combat. One thing that sci-fi tends to get amusingly wrong.

    It would probably be safe to assume that a combat spacesuit would effectively be an armored EVA suit (complete with armored faceplate, replacing glass with dual cameras and a screen) with an advanced radar and threat detection system (since you can't hear weapons fire in a vacuum, you'll need some early warning system to replace the loss of hearing as a viable sense). Probably the best setup would be armor plating over a skinsuit, so pressure loss doesn't become as much of a concern (especially considering how easily NASA's current suits leak in high-wear areas like thumb joints).

  2. Dumb question - what happens when someone pops a high power jammer around your machine? Shines a laser on the cameras? Or pwns the software for your cameras? At that point, a simple diamond faceplate seems like a damn good idea.

  3. I'd like to think that the picture illustrates that when all the fancy tech-goodies cancel each other out, you can always hit someone with a stick ;)


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