Monday, February 13, 2012

Pumpkin-suit's Manual Update

          Happy Monday, RocketFans!  I'm pleased to say that I finished the main text for The Pumpkin-Suit's Manual this weekend!  I now have rules and mechanics for pretty much every major maneuver and hazard a spacecraft can get into from launch to recovery, and I've got it in my own BD6 system as well as Classic D6 and D20.

          That's the good news.  What I don't have is any artwork.  The appendices are not done either.  And this massive, 38 page document has not been proofread yet.  In short, the main text may be finished, but that's all that is.

          Therefore, I am officially moving back the date of release for The Pumpkin-Suit's Manual to March the first.  This will give me time to get the copy up to a professional level, include the Character Templates I had planned on, and include artwork similar to what you saw on the Spacesuits post the other day.  In fact, I'm getting a 4GB RAM upgrade for my  'puter this afternoon especially for making CG modeling part of the art of The Black Desert.  I'm excited about that, it should be fantastic! ...In a totally plausible, Hard SF sort of way of course.

           Hopefully I'll be able to preview some of this new art by tomorrow.  Here's hoping, anyway. 


  1. So nobody's gonna mention that I forgot the "e" at the end of "Science"?


  2. I wasn't going to mention it if you didn't.


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