Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Spacesuits...

         So RocketFan Strannik made a rather pithy comment on yesterday's blog post, wanting to know more about the spacesuits available in The Black Desert.  Fair enough.
        The thing is, that info is meant for June's Weapons and Gear supplement.  This means that official stats and stuff won't be available for another four months or so.  I understand that this is a pretty long wait, so I've put together a small table based on my notes for this type of equipment.  There's some flavor text available in last July's blog post, "Stuff and Guns and Stuff", if you wanna check that out.  Anyway, here's the table.
          Remember, these are not official numbers, so don't be surprised if they change between now and June 16th.

Difficilty² Modifiers
4 hours
+1 Physical
8 hours
+1 Agl
12 hours
Eapatier Armor
:Powered Armor
+1 Agl /
-1 Str
18 hours
Espatier Armor.

¹ All spacesuits use the Spacesuit Operation Skill. Entries reflect appropriate Focused Skills.

² In the BD6 system, Difficulty Modifiers are used instead of Dice Pool Modifiers. Therefore, +1 Physical, for example, means that all Agility- and Strength-based Skill Checks are one Difficulty Level higher than normal.


  1. Looks pretty cool, Ray. The only nit-pick I have is a teensy-tiny beef with skin-tight power armor (and in this case, it's not "how do you put it on?"), and that is bruises.

    All body armor does is spread the impact of a bullet over a wide enough area so that it doesn't penetrate it and kill the wearer (at least, that's the idea); it doesn't stop the fact that you have a slug of lead traveling ~1,400 kph suddenly coming to an abrupt halt. Whether it's kevlar or steel plate, there will likely be a bruise left where the bullet hit if there's little or nothing in between the armor and the wearer. The reason why modern body armor is so loose is so there's a degree of motion to soften the impact (this is also a contributing factor to why there aren't female variants with molded cups).

    Also, while it may not be quite realistic, I've always preferred the idea that power armor is more like a wearable tank than super body armor.

  2. Skinsuits don't grant any Stamina modifiers, so they aren't meant to resist damage at all. The Hardsuits, LockSuits and Espatier Armor provide more bulky rigid sections to resist damage, as well as insulation against brief brushes with laser beams. The Espatier Armor is designed the way it is (ans is so expensive) because it is also an autonomous robot, capable of operating without a "pilot". This provides stealth for human Espatiers, letting them hide among their robotic subordinates from IR.

  3. I swear, I was only working at the paying job all day...
    Anyway, you blink and you miss something.
    Nice job Ray. Are the renders your work?

    1. The Renders were made in Daz Studio. The suits were downloads, but the figure was customized by yours truly. She's a Lunarian, so instead of having a 3-2-3 bust/waist/hip proportion, she has a 4.5-1.5-3 proportion. Her neck is also longer, and she has almost no body fat. The reason her breast appear that large is, to quote RAH, "one-sixth gee is better than any wonder bra."


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