Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pumpkin-suit's Manual Preview #5

This. Is. DUMB.

Rendezvous with a rotating target (“FU-bar”)
This type of maneuver – attempting to dock with a rotating target – is only for the insane or desperate. Trying to safely attach to a target moving at 3 meters per second not only incredibly difficult, it's incredibly dangerous. Even when dire emergency requires such an expedient, it is best attempted by a un-crewed vehicle that is remotely operated.
Executing a docking maneuver with a rotating target (known both humorously and seriously as a “FU-bar” approach) must be done from either a + or - R-bar approach, which must be successfully made prior to the “FU-bar” attempt. The approaching spacecraft must then attempt to capture the target with a cargo arm or other remote manipulator and then instantly correct its trajectory in order to follow the direction of spin. This requires constant correction until the cargo arm pulls the spacecraft close enough to successfully dock. Fortunately, a Payload specialist than can capture a moving target all can usually make the final docking maneuver in a few seconds, meaning that the maneuver can be accomplished in one round, with one set of Skill Checks.
“FU-bar” Orbital Approach
Skill: Spacecraft Operations: COMM/AST; Teleoperation: Cargo Arm
Difficulty: Impossible
Special: This type of maneuver must be attempted with both of the above Skill Checks.
Natural failure results in 2D damage to the cargo arm.
A Confirmed Penalty on the Wild Die results in 2D damage to the both the spacecraft and the target vehicle. Both suffer damage to their docking rings making further attempts impossible.
An Automatic Failure on the Wild Die results in 4D damage to both the spacecraft and the target. The airlock and docking rings are destroyed, and the hull is breached (see below).

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