Monday, February 6, 2012

Pumpkin-suit's Manual Preview #4

Not for those with motion sickness.
    The most common of EVAs is the spacewalk.  This type of maneuver describes any activity performed in corpus outside of a spacecraft.  This includes robotic activities; using a robot for a spacewalk simply adds an additional Teleoperation Skill Check.
    Description: “ There's no up or down anymore.  One moment, you're handing on by you hands with the hull of your ship in front of you, the next, you're feet are tucked under the hand holds and you're staring out into open space.  The view is awesome – in the original sense of the word.  Seeing nothing but the Black Desert stretching out to eternity in all directions, dwarfing you, your spacecraft, even your's both exhilarating and utterly terrifying.
    “Still, you have work to do.”

Tethered Spacewalks
    For safety reasons, nearly all spacewalks are performed while wearing a tether.  Two tethers are required at all times, so that the failure of one doesn't leave the astronaut or robot floating free.
    Tethered Spacewalks
    Classic D6:
    Skill: Spacesuit Operation: Spacesuit Type
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Special: Difficulty modifiers for spacesuit type or robot type always apply.
    Natural Failure results in loss of footing and orientation; the astronaut or robot must pull themselves back and re-orient.  This takes 1D rounds, but only requires one new Skill Check.
    A “1” on the Wild Die resulting in a failure causes a loss of one tether in addition to loss of footing and orientation.  The tether must be recovered and reattached before any other maneuver may be attempted (except in dire emergency).  This takes 2D rounds. 
    A “1” on the Wild Die resulting in a failure by more than one Difficulty Level means the loss of both tethers and leaves the astronaut or robot floating in space (see below).


  1. Talk to me about the types of space suits available.

    1. Well, one was detailed here...


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