Thursday, April 28, 2011

I got my book today!

          Waiting in the mail for me this afternoon was my very own copy of The Ships of the Black Desert: Paladin Spaceplane!  I am too thrilled for words...It's the kind of thing that really helps to drive home the fact that I am actually publishing.  On my shelves, along with Gygax's 1st ed. AD&D, the original Stormbringer, and of course, Star Wars the Role-Playing Game, 2nd Edition is one of my books, with my name on it.  I'm a very happy RocketDad right now.

         That being said, my favorite part in all of this has been you guys.  I love reading the comments, the emails, the reviews, and seeing my stuff appear on forums and Reddit and Twitter.  Thanks for everything RocketFans!  Your support is what helps keep me going.

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