Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneak Peak: The Character Sheet

         This is a first-ever look at the character sheet design for The Black Desert.  It seemed easier than publishing a real post, which I hope to do tomorrow.  Enjoy!


  1. That looks familiar ... and different.
    Lessee, perception changes to sensory. You've got likely attribute die combos down at the bottom.
    Not sure about SIWC under damage range. Nor PP. But the damage dials (dashboard?) for common weapons up there looks logical.

    Given most players tendency to kit out with several weapons, you might need a 2 page version somewhere. Or a 3x5 version of the weapons only.

  2. That's the general idea. The SIWC is Damage Level system we're using in BD6; Stunned, Injured, Wounded and Critical stunned makes you lose 1D turns, and then all difficulty levels go up by one for each progressive damage level. This means when a Character is Critical Very Easy Skill Checks are Difficult, Easy are Very Difficult, and everything above that is Impossible.

    But more on that later ;)

  3. PP stands for "Progress Points" because I'm to pretentious to use XP;) Seriously, though, The full explanation is almost ready; I'll be posting it on Monday along with the Sheet's final draft. Everyone is invited to comment, post on forums, and generally solicit input form anybody and everybody. Then, the final PDF goes up on RPGNow for free with a copy for the OpenD6 Resurrection Wiki.


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