Friday, April 22, 2011

In Print...FINALLY!

          ...I didn't wanna say anything until I was absolutely sure this time, but I've actually ordered my proof and activated the product online.  Our first ever PDF, Ships of the Black Desert: Paladin Spaceplane is now officially available in hard copy through the good offices of  Although I've uploaded my tenth PDF this month, I'm enough of an old-school gamer to really be stoked by having published an actual book, something that I can physically hold in my hand.

          Anyway, now that I've cracked the secret to getting these dang things formatted for print, I will be putting out print editions of all of our stuff every two weeks or so until we're caught up.  The exception will be the Heinlein; I feel that this ship needs some more work, both in the text and the art, so it may be a while before it's ready to go to press.

            Another important point is that all of these print copies will be in Black and White, no matter what the description on the website says.  I discovered when formatting the Paladin for press that there is a minimum page number for the black and white books, while the color books have a much smaller minimum page count.  In order to offer these print copies at the lowest possible price (and without half a dozen blank pages), I will use the color book format and prices for the short books and the standard B&W for the longer ones.  By doing it this way, all the books will have the same color scheme and all will be on sale for the same price, no matter the length.

           So that's our big news item for the weekend, RocketFans!  hope you have a good and I'll see you all Monday.


  1. Don't forget the missing airlock hub for the Conestoga.

  2. ...I won't. I may redo that entire map before print conversion. Anybody who owned a copy already get the update free, so it's all good.


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