Monday, April 25, 2011

Updates for May

         I'm excited about the rest of year, RocketFans!  Hopefully, you will be as well once you hear what I have planned.

          First off, we will have two print editions of past offerings available for you; one Ship of the Black Desert and one Ship of the Galaxy.  Naturally, we will also be putting out a new Ship of the Black Desert  for May, which will be available around the 16th.

          The next Open D6 Magazine will be available sometime in May (exact date TBA), and we have an article in that previewing our Robot rules for The Black Desert.   I will also be putting out a new preview PDF, featuring the Character Sheet for BD and an explanation of how to use it.  

           That pretty much wraps up May.

          The fun part is, we now have a projected publication date for The Black Desert Core Rulebook.  All things being equal, we expect to put the game in your hands, via both PDF and hard copy, by December 16th; just in time for Christmas.
In the mean time, we will be putting out a preview PDF each month, starting in May with the Character Sheet and continuing until the sales date.  We will also be putting out a new freebie on the website; a new Character Template monthly starting (hopefully) the first week of May.

          I am also working diligently on artwork for Wicked North's Westward game, so I may end up pressed for time during the next few months.  If so, I will have to slack up on some stuff, starting with my usual lengthy blog posts, and if necessary, some of the freebie stuff as well.  Hopefully, It won't come to that.

          Anyway, that's what going on with us right now; comments are always welcome if anybody has ideas for products they'd like to see in the future or suggestions for how to make future offerings better.

           See you tomorrow, RocketFans!

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