Monday, April 18, 2011

Phoenix Officially on Sale...and a GREAT deal on Everything Else!

          As usual, RocketFans, We have a new Ships of the Black Desert ready to go for April.  I've already heard some nice things from some of you about it; I'm glad you enjoy.

          I notice that we have a lot of new visitors today from over at Reddit.  Welcome!  You picked a great time to come over, because we've started our best sale ever to celebrate our tenth PDF.  For the next month (until May 16th), we are offering all of our titles for ten percent off.  Even better, new customers can take advantage of our bunder offer...All ten of our PDFs for only ten dollars!  That's only one dollar per spacecraft! We won't be offering a deal like this again, so order your fleet today!

         Enough sales talk?  Good.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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