Monday, January 17, 2011

Conestoga Officially on Sale!

          That's right, RocketFans!  January's offering went on sale late last night, and already we've gotten some awesome reviews!  Check it out...
           It gets better; The Conestoga will also be the first of Blue Max Studios' products to be offered in PRINT!  The hard copies should be available for ordering in a few days.  As soon as they are, I will make an announcement.

           I also have an important announcement today for all of you Star Wars fans out there.  Starting next month, We will begin offering a new series of deck plans: Ships of the Galaxy!  This new series will feature soft sci-fi spaceships more suitable the worlds of Star Wars, D20 Future and other science fiction franchises that focus more on epic storytelling than plausibility.  I've always been a fan of Star Wars (that's how I fell in love with the D6 System in the first place), and now, by popular demand, the ships that my own players used to travel the galaxy far, far, away will be available to everyone!  I'm excited about this; it's an opportunity to support OpenD6 and design even more new and interesting ships.  The new series will feature the same quality deck plans, histories and descriptions that all of our product do, and they will be published with classic D6 and D20 Future stats.  Because of the inevitable Lucasfilm and WoTC licensing issues, specifics of settings like Star Wars, Star*Drive, and other Intellectual Properties will not be a part of the Ships of the Galaxy PDFs.  Each month, when a new ship in the series is released, I will post a special article here on the blog giving setting specific backgrounds and Star Wars: Saga Edition statistics, all FREE!  This way, you RocketFans can get the most out of the deck plans and I avoid getting sued...

            Fans of The Black Desert need not despair just because I will be making a new series of ships.  The Ships of the Black Desert series will continue to feature new spacecraft on the 16th of every month just as they always have.  Because of all the support material for the new series, there will be less blue-sky blogs on the world building aspects of the The Black Desert setting,  but that might actually be a good thing.  I haven't actually added any material to the Core Book in quite a while, so maybe I should stop blogging about the game and get to writing it.

            We'll give it a try.

           So, to sum up, Ships of the Black Desert will continue, be available in print, and in addition there will be a whole new series of  ships for more movie sci-fi campaigns that will be available...probably around the first of the month, so that there is a space between offerings.  That's the plan anyway.

           By the way, I'm sorry about last Friday.  As I've said before, I have diabetes, and it is very difficult to control.  I started a special new diet last week, and I began to get detox and get sick for a few days.  Nothing major, but when your pancreas weakens your gall bladder and you lose six pounds in two days, you are in for a fairly miserable time.

           The bright side is, of course, that I lost six pounds in two days.

           Anyway, that's all for now, RocketFans.  Enjoy, and I'll see you tomorrow! 

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