Friday, January 21, 2011

More Monarch

         Sorry about yesterday, RocketFans; another bout of toxicity caused me to miss out on making a post.  Or pretty much do anything else.  The upshot is that my CBG (concentrated blood glucose) has been stable within the normal range for five day now.  This a record for me since being hospitalized in July of 2009, so I'm thrilled.  It means I'm finally starting to get better.

         Anyway, here is a dorsal view of the new Monarch, with its wings folded up.  Things are moving right along. 

         In other news, tomorrow is the three-month mark of the blog being up and running; which means that I can now apply to become a member of RPG Bloggers, an RSS feed of many the outstanding RPG Blogs on the Internet.  I'm pretty excitied about that; it means more exposure for the site an my work.  Expect the Monday post to have some more about it.

         Anyway, that's my post for this lovely if chilly Friday.  Enjoy, RocketFans, and I'll see you Monday!

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