Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That 70's Space-Opera Chic

          One of the things that I've discovered really makes or breaks a set of deck plans is details. For my Black Desert plans, I've developed an entire library of scratch-made interior detail pieces that I use (sometimes with color changes) over and over again in my designs.  This makes sense within the context of The Back Desert; different governments and countries in the present-day use similar technology, so they probably will in the future.  For the new Starships of the Galaxy series, I'm having to make new consoles and stuff to reflect the purpose of the plans.  These new ships are meant to be dropped as-is into a Star Wars game; therefore, the interiors reflect that 70's Space Opera chic.

           Star Wars computers have a definite design ethic that has been preserved and re used across the saga (Star Destroyer bridges come to mind).  These computers are long on the flashing lights and short on anything resembling a reasonable user interface.  Whatever we may personally think about these red- and-black monstrosities, they serve as an instantly recognizable detail of a Star Wars spacecraft.  The map pieces made by Wizards of the Coast for the Star Wars: Miniatures game are an excellent example.  If you want to make your own Star Wars maps, you can download these map elements and make your very own locations from a galaxy far, far away.

For example...Download this and other tiles at

          Not that this helps me very much.

          Those handy dandy map elements are not only under the WotC copyright, They are under the Lucasfilm Ltd. License, which means I will never in a million years think of using them for any of my Blue Max Studios products.  But I remain undeterred; after all, I have a Wacom tablet, GIMP, and enough imagination to invoke that 70's Space Opera Chic without stealing it.  So here is a look at one of the interior consoles for the Monarch project that I custom designed my very own self:
Enjoy, RocketFans, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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