Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working Right Along...

         If you're suffering from a winter cold right now, I'm with you and certainly feel your pain.  But there's nothing like a self-imposed deadline with my street-cred on the line to motivate me to continue working despite feeling slightly more-than-FAIL.  They say that the best thing about being your own boss is not having one; I counter that with the observation that if one is an asshole and one is self-employed, then one's boss must be, logically, a... not very nice person.


          Just to show that I'm not slacking off, here is a shot of the Monarch with color, texture, and shading added.  As you can see, The wings on the courier are in fact radiators, and the pretty colors they turn while venting heat are what inspired the name of the ship (as in butterfly, not king). 

           I hope you enjoy, RocketFans, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Wait - a space opera ship that has radiators? Color me curious.

  2. Hey, I can't COMPLETELY abandon scientific accuracy...


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