Monday, January 24, 2011

Still More Monarch...

          Happy Monday, RocketFans!  I managed to get a good bit done on the Monarch project over the weekend.  I also got an awesome review on the Conestoga from Megan Robertson, one of the featured reviewers over at RPGNow.  Check it out! 

          Here are some more views of the new Monarch-class Courier.  Remember, the Monarch will post on February first.  I also have the next in the Ships of the Black Desert series designed; As soon as I finish the Monarch, I can get started and have it ready by the 16th.  This last week has been busy, busy,busy!  As I kind of expected, the double work load has made me more focused and productive, rather than just overwhelmed.  I'm one of those people that only really hits peak productivity when I'm so busy that I have to.  Go figure.

           Any way, Enjoy the pic and the review, RocketFans.  See you tomorrow!

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