Friday, January 28, 2011

Working on the Text

          With only four days left until the release of the Monarch Courier, It's crunch time. 

          Today I hope to get the entire text for the PDF finished.  Yesterday was pretty much a wash, so I'm kind of behind.  Still, I'm enjoying what I do, so I can't complain too much, can I?

          One of the stumbling blocks to writing the text on this project is it's purpose.  By that I mean, since the Monarch is meant to be a Star Wars deck plan, I'm having to write a history that fits in with that universe without using any of the information, events or names from that universe.  It's an interesting challenge; Lucasfilm Ltd's franchise is one of the most valuable Intellectual Properties in the entertainment industry, and I absolutely cannot use any of that IP in my third-party products.  So the write-up for the Monarch is deliberately vague.  Mostly, this is no problem; after all, I've been GM-ing Star Wars campaigns since 1992 and have been designing planets, people, and of course spacecraft for the galaxy far, far away just as long.  For example, the holo-star Vega Rialtair, who is featured in the Monarch PDF, is actually older than all of my kids put together. 
           Where the conflict arises is in the "For the GM" section I usually include in my PDFs.  Most of that info is going to have to be generic, and I can't help that.  That being said, there is nothing at all stopping me from releasing Star Wars-specific information on the blog here for free.  So, in addition to Saga-edition stats for my Starships of the Galaxy, there will also be a free "For the Star Wars GM" section posted within a couple of days of the PDF's release as well.  I'm also planning on releasing stats for specific ships of that month's class and maybe an NPC as well.  These will be released in both D6 and Saga-edition rules, so you can pick your flavor without screwing around with conversion charts and such. 

         When I first started marketing deck plans, I had intended to release a free PDF every month as well.  That plan kind of fell by the wayside, as my health and related work flow issues during the holiday season made demands on my time.  So consider these free Star Wars supplements my apology for that.  You're Welcome.

          Anyway RocketFans, I hope you are looking forward to the Monarch's release as much as I am.  I'll see you Monday!

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