Monday, January 10, 2011

January Announcements

          Good morning, RocketFans!  I lost power early today, so I'm thankful I'm able to post at all right now...
           Anyway, I mentioned last week that I would be making some exciting announcements today.  First of all, for those of you who frequent the DriveThu RPG and RPGNow, you may have noticed the big red link off to the left that says NOW IN PRINT!  That's right, you can now get you favorite indie game PDFs in real-life hard copies, just like they were real books.  This is totally awesome for me, because it means that the last barrier to making D6 RPGs, just like I dreamed of back in the Nineties, has been removed: I can now sell physical copies of my work!  And the best part for me is that it costs me nothing up front to print.  Even better, my exclusivity contract with the above websites does not apply to third-party sales of my print products.  I can order print copies and sell them at cons and to brick-and-mortar gaming stores!  According to OneBookShelf, the parent company of the above websites and my publisher, by next year vendors will be able to order my books (and everyone else's) directly from them, while I still get paid!  It is definitely an exciting time to be in the indie publishing business.

         So in light of the above news, I am happy to announce that after the Conestoga's debut in PDF on the 16th, it will also be made available in print, hopefully before February.  I haven't gone through the process yet, so I can't tell how long it will take to get the hard copy on the virtual shelves.  In addition, I am also converting my old titles into print as well, starting with the Paladin and then continuing every month until all the old designs are available in Print and PDF.  There will be an option, once the print copies are available, to buy both the hard copy and PDF together for those who haven't purchased either one yet.  The print copies of the older ships will also go through an additional editing process to correct any mistakes that have been found and all will feature new artwork in addition to the graphics already in the PDF.  I'm thrilled about this;  I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to hold my books in my hand!

          Anyway, that about wraps it up for today,  tomorrow, we'll talk about the wonderful employment opportunities in the Black Desert.  See you then! 

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