Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Armory (The Star Morph A to Z Blog Challenge)

Part of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Hello, RocketFans!  Today is Blue Max Studios' first installment in the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Our theme for the month of April is "Star Morphs A-Z", wherein we present a new geomorphic map every day but Sunday for the entire month.  These geomorphs are science fiction style, suitable for assembling into anything from Star-bases to Dreadnaughts. 

Our first Star Morph is the Armory:

1. Access Ladder:  This alcove connects the Armory to the decks above and below in case the lift is malfunctioning.

2. Maintenance Alcove: Robots and organics use this area to repair the computer subsystems and lift machinery on this level.

3. Lift: At ten feet in diameter, the lift can hold up to six fully armed and armored troops if needed.  Be careful...

4. Security Post:  There are two in the Armory section to monitor the comings and goings of authorized personnel.  Troops checking out or returning equipment must do so in this area.  There is an inspection table for returned gear, and a monitor console facing a large armored window.

5. "Clipping" Room: This is where blaser energy packs and gas reservoirs are refilled and maintained.  there are recharge racks, gas pump machinery and a large table for inspecting the charge and pressure on the various power packs.  It is not uncommon for low-ranking troopers to work off demerits by inspecting and charging the hundreds of clips in this room at all hours of the day and night.

6. Heavy Weapons Room:  Squad-level weapons, such as               repeating lasers and missile launchers, are kept in this armored vault.  Also, any grenades or explosives are kept inside.

7. Security Corridor:  The hall between vaults is monitored by infra-red cameras and motion sensors when it is not being patrolled by guards and security bots.

8. Main Vault:  Most personal scale weapons are stored in vaults like this one.  In these racks can be found row after row of side arms, carbines and rifles.  Add-ons such as scopes, low-light sensors, and gyro-stabilized armor mounts may be stored here as well.

This map can be used for an armor vault as well:  Just make area 5 a fitting/maintenance room, area 6 a powered armor vault, and area 8 the storage racks for personal armor and helmets.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the armory map and gets lots of use out of it.  We will continue with the A to Z challenge tomorrow!


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