Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Vehicle Maintenence (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)


While the Repair Bay is optimized to repair and fabricate large components and perform major overhauls, Vehicle Maintenance is for keeping the carried craft on a large starship in good condition.  This can be air/rafts, land- or air speeders, or shuttle craft - whatever floats your anti-gravity vehicle.

See what I did there?

1. Heavy Robot Storage:  Extra large charging alcove allow the industrial drones used in the maintenance bay.

2. Drone Storage:  The regular repair drones are stored and charged here.  In addition, a large window and monitor station are also located here, for supervising the repair process.

3. Vehicle Bay:  Three bays can be used simultaneously to repair and maintain vehicles.  There is a work pit located in the bay, accessed by a flight of stairs.

4. Maintenance Alcove:  This is where the supplies used in keeping vehicles in fighting trim are located.  Spare parts, tanks of fluid and coolant, and other items are stored here.

5. Industrial Robot: Heavy duty robots are used to move bulky items, storage tanks, and even impromptu jacks to move inoperative machinery.  They are controlled from the same stations the regular drone are, in area 2. 

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