Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Mess Hall ( Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)


Today's Star Morph marks a notable moment in the April A to Z Blog Challenge:  We are at the half-way point.  To celebrate, let's eat at the Mess Hall!

1. Maintenance Access: Doing its part to keep the elevator running smoothly.

2. Ladder: For when Area 1 fails to do so.

3. Lift:  Since most of the barracks spaces that the Mess Hall here services are on the same deck, the main use of the Lift is to transport supplies from the cargo spaces.  Also, since the barracks map does not feature lifts of its own, it can be assumed the residents use these.

4. Refers/Pantry: The refrigerators store all the perishable foodstuffs needed for the preparation of meals, and the pantry stores everything else.  Including coffee.

5. Dining Area:  There are a dozen eight-seat tables available for meals, meaning an entire barracks' worth of Troopers can eat at the same time.

6. Galley:  The medial wall is dominated by service line running its entire length that allows crewers to be served cafeteria style.  The interior galley space is full of cooking apparel and appliances for robots and living crew to make meals on a more-or-less constant basis.  Including coffee.

7. Scullery/Recycling:  Used trays and utensils are deposited here, to be cleaned and racked for later use.  The food waste is either recycled via enzymatic breakdown, or fed to algae, or insinerated and fed into matter converters.  Whatever your SF universe does with trash.

I've been thrilled at all the positive responses to this series.  Glad everyone is enjoying the maps.  Tomorrow, we continue with the second half of the alphabet as the A to Z Challenge continues.  See you then!

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