Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Jr. Officer's Quarters (Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)


Not everyone in a big starship crew will be housed in communal barracks - rank hath it's privileges, after all.  For those higher up the totem pole, we have this nice block of Quarters.  The entry calls these "Jr. Officers' Quarters" but that's because I needed a "J" These rooms can be used by anyone from Able Spacers to department heads, depending on the number of occupants and the amenities included.

1. Stateroom Block:  This is really all there is to this map - row after row of staterooms clustered together in small blocks.  There are eight such blocks in this area.

The Staterooms are pretty basic, as befits the Spartan nature of military.  Each has a bunk with built-in storage, and a work station in the corner.  One quarter of the block is given over to the fresher, which is shared by the three state rooms.

The number of occupants depends the rank of those occupants.  Enlisted spacers are housed three to a room in triple bunks, while senior spacers and the proverbial junior officers are housed in double bunks.  Senior Officers would have a private room, of course.

Like I said, there's no much to this map, other than a bunch of rooms.  The use of this kind of map is that it provides  the enterprising party of gamers can find a all kinds of "treasure" in these quarters.  Even better, they offer lots of hiding places, both for PCs and their enemies.

So anyway, that's it for week two of the A to Z Challenge.  We will continue with Kinetics to the Outer Compartments next week.  See you then!

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