Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hospital ( Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)

Here we are again, RocketFans.  Today, H is for Hospital, because some sort of medical center is absolutely vital on a large spacecraft.  Normally, this complex is called a Medical Bay, or Sickbay...but I needed "M" and "S" for other things.  So.

1. Medical Drone Hold:  This compartment stores, charges, and allows for the routine maintenance of the Hospital's medical robots.  There are about half a dozen charging up in here at any given time.  There is a monitor station where a tech can keep an eye on the robots as they work.

2. Nurse's Station: There are two of these, offering oversight on all patients in the Hospital.  The monitor stations can access vital signs and other important medical information, as well as assign the drone robots to their various chores.

3. Exam Room:  The first stop for most patients, this room can hold three people with enough room for doctors, nurses, and robots to work.  Each alcove has a wall of storage cabinets that hold basic medical necessities.

4. General Ward:  Convalescent, Recovery - this ward is for any patients in stable condition that still need constant monitoring.  There is sterile UV lighting to prevent the spread of infection, and the ward is constantly monitored.
This is where normal healing happens.

5. Regen Ward:  Whether your Science Fiction Universe uses magic goo made by space bugs, cloned body parts, or even rapid prototypers for cybernetic replacement organs, It can all go on in this compartment.  There is room for eight patients in the tanks (or room to manufacture parts for eight patients, whatever), a medical bed, and a monitor station for supervising the procedures.  Pressurized tanks of magic goo feed the main treatment tanks, and grates in the floor handle drainage and spillage.
This is where faster than normal healing happens.

6. OR:  This operating room is in a sterile field at all times.  There is room for three patients at once for minor procedures, but major operations can require the entire room to hold the medical team and special equipment.  There are storage lockers for special equipment along the walls.
This is where dying players are stabilized and begin healing.

7. Offices:  The Doctors and staff have four office cubicles for their use, as well as a small lounge area with refreshment alcove.
This is where nothing happens.

The thing about areas like the Hospital in a classic "Dungeon Crawl" - even if the dungeon is a spaceship - is that they provide much needed opportunity for healing damage, both for attackers and defenders.  A Character or NPC with any kind of medical training can get bonuses to healing checks just by being in the Hospital, since there are SFnal sterile force fields and lots of supplies.  Often, medical robots that are smart enough to treat patients are not smart enough to recognize good guys and bad guys, so invading forces can get basic treatment even if no medic is among them.  Of course, if it's your ship, then the invaders get this advantage too.  Firefights in and around the medical area suck, as a stray shot has a better-than-even chance of hitting a non-combatant.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow we continue.

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