Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Pilot's Ready Room ( Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)

You know you want to.
Any spacecraft that carries fighter needs a Pilot's Ready Room - if for no other reason than the reinforced walls provide containment for the egos of the pilots therein.  The real reasons is that this keeps on-duty pilots in a secure area where they can train, listen to briefings, and generally be on-call for when it's their time to strap-in and blast off.  The ready rooms are the pilots' inner sanctum, private preserve, and safe-house.  The Pilot's are probably very territorial, with even the Captain feeling about as welcome in rocket-jock territory has they do in engineering.

1. Maintenance Access:  Because there's always maintenance, including on elevators.

2. Ladder:  Because there's always maintenance, including on elevators.

3. Lift: Half a squadron's worth of pilots with their gear can cram in a lift at once.  It's probably crowded.  Fortunately, the rapid lifts can deliver the entire compliment of pilots in short order.

4. Galley:  This is much smaller than the normal crew galley or the Officer's Wardroom - it's mainly used to provide for pilots during long alerts.

5. Dining Area: A few no-frills benches and tables for eating and congregating.

6. Squadron Room:  Since the entire map can be considered one big ready room, the Squadron Rooms are mainly used for briefings, tactical schooling, and general congregating.  The rooms are more crowded than they look, as the pilots' helmets, life support rigs, and other gear were stored in here.

7. Locker Room:  This area provides lockers and showers for the pilots to use when going on- and off-duty.  The pilots flight gear is stored here when not in use.

We might as well discuss what's not pictured on this map:  Offices.  Each squadron will have a Commander, an XO, and an Information Officer, that could all use some screen time and privacy.  Logically, the locker room and galley could have been replaced with offices and been more realistic.  Still, I liked the idea of making the pilots' territory more self-contained, with potties and snacks available.  

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