Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Forum (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)

You know what to do.
Here we are RocketFans with another map for your gaming pleasure:  The Forum!

This entry into our Star Morphs A to Z Challenge is a little different in that it lacks defined spaces.  Each of the four rooms on the map are exactly the same in size shape and placement oft he doors, and can therefore be used interchangeably.  The Map also has two "Wild" corridors in the center, in order to give the Forum the maximum number of possible combinations of placement.  The basic point of this map is to connect other, more well-defined Star Morph together in interesting ways, and as an homage to the Tantive IV's endless hallways connected by rooms of doors.  In this case, I did try to make the map a little more useful.

The main fun with a map as generic as the Forum is when random tables come into play.  As I've said before, eventually each Star Morph map will have random tables of encounters that can be used for solo-, GM-less-, or random-play.  In the case of the Forum, the randomness can extend to the function of the rooms themselves, even to the theme of the rooms themselves, depending of the type of spacecraft or installation the gamer is trying to map.

Say we make a simple D6 table of general functionsw, first off.  Like this:

1. Military
3. Medical
4. Academic

These are just some ideas I came up with off the top of my head.  If we then make a table of room usage based on, say, the military option, you could have guard posts, briefing rooms, staging areas, and the like.  If it were a commercial map, the rooms could simply be different shops, with maybe some tables scattered around in the open space for a food-court.  The "Support" entry gives the GM the option of including all those spaces you know any base or spaceship needs, but almost never see mapped:  uniform supply, barbershop, dental office, canteen, etc.

Again, all of these ideas are just me spit-balling.  The point of the un-defined space is to leave a few rooms for the stuff the GM already wants to include in a game and the other Star Morphs don't necessarily have a area for.  After all, the point of using something like these maps is to give gamers options, not box them in.

No pun intended.

Tomorrow will see us publish another Star Morph, and write another post.  See you then.

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