Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Laser Turret (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)

What's all this then?
There are guns and there are GUNS.  The map we're look at today is for the big ones, the melt-the-crust-of-a-planet ones.  This entire map is designed to fit inside an enormous laser turret, between the twin barrels of terra-joule death.

They're big guns.

1. Capacitor Bank:  This massive capacitor stores the energy needed to fire the big gun and also functions as a surge protector for when the laser installation is tied directly into the main reactor.  The Capacitor Bank has a central tower surrounded by a catwalk that uses safety rails due to the magnetic interference of such a powerful energy flux .

2. Power Control:  Each capacitor bank has a two monitor stations to careful regulate power flow and usage.  These allow fine variations in the amount of damage the laser can do - from long-range shots that fry sensors to blasts that liquefy metal.

3. Local Fire Control: This armored compartment allows for direct control of the weapon system by troopers on the scene.  The outside has large, thick viewports for close-in visual targeting, and there are several banks of control stations that can elevate each barrel independently, in addition to rotating the turret.  Behind the fire control computers are a pair targeting computers that monitor the main sensors the turret's local sensor grid.  These stations select targets and feed the info to fire control.  the central station is the Gun Captain's.

4. Lift:  This links the turret to the rest of the ship.

5.Ladder:  This offers emergency access to the turret, and is larger than the normal ladders throughout the rest of the ship, so that DC supplies, robots, and other equipment can be moved if needed.

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