Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Barracks (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)

Here we are again, RocketFans with our next installment in the A to Z Blog Challenge.  Today, we tackle the letter "B" and "B" is for "Barracks"!

The Barracks is a mainstay of any military installation, on land, sea, or in space.  At it's most basic it is a sleeping area for low-ranking crew, though more advanced Barracks can provide limited training and entertainment services as well.

1. Laundry: This cramped area has washing units and folding table space for the soldiers assigned to the barracks to clean their uniforms.  Due to the small size of the area, there is usually uniforms being laundered at all hours.

2. Communal Bathroom: This is one of two bathrooms located in the barracks for use of the assigned soldiers.  Like the Laundry, this rooms is almost always occupied, with the time before duty shifts and inspections being the most congested.

3. Bay: Rack after rack of sleeping berths fill this area.  There is bunk space for a total of ninety-six troopers, with triple-tiered beds arranged in four rows of eight.  Even in the dead of night, the space is warm and rich with the sounds - and smells - of almost a hundred soldiers living in close quarters.

4. Sergeant's Quarters:  This is a four - berth compartment for the use of the section leaders of the barrack's troops.  The space has single bunks, which is a luxury, and two computer consoles, which are not.  The Sergeants who share this room are active at any given moment doing screen-work or other administrative details their officers delegate.  The area also has an exclusive latrine, which the Sergeants themselves are responsible for.  An especially embarrassing punishment for grunts is having to clean the Sergeant's Head...

...And because I love you dear , "B" is also for "Bonus"...

Bonus Map!  You're welcome.
The racks of bunks can be nested together to create a large open space in the center of the barracks bay.  This space is used for training, servicing equipment, and of course, endless rounds of physical training. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the maps and tune in tomorrow, RocketFans, when we continue adding maps to our Star Morph collection.  See you then!

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