Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Detention Level (Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)

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If your players are anything like mine back in the day, they flount the law with assumed impunity.  Even if they are all Paladins (or Jedi, or Ambassadors of the Imperium) they may have cause to visit or even break someone out of jail.  So you need a jail.

Enter the Detention Level...

1. Security Alcove: This air-lock style corridor is lined with cameras, sensors, and weapons detectors.  Any unauthorized personnel are locked inside while reinforcements get into position.  If needed, the alcove can be gassed.

2. Security Monitor:  This position is always manned and a roving guard keeps look out on the three corridors that open into this area.  The two security consoles are the only way to open the cells beyond.

3. Guard Room:  There is a refreshment alcove, lounge table, and computer console in this area.  there are always at least two guards in the area, and the door is transparent to allow an unobstructed view.

4. Detention Cells:  24 individual cells are divided into three halls, each of which is a half level below the main deck.  The upper areas are filled with surveillance equipment, gas jets, noise machines, and other instruments of torture and control. 

5. Crawlspaces: There are a pair of utility crawlspaces in this area that service the plumbing needs of the cells, and leads to a centralized garbage disposal.

That's it for the first week of the A to Z Blog Challenge, RocketFans!  Next week we will tackle Engineering through Kinetics.  See you then!


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