Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Captain's Cabin and Conference (Star Morphs A to Z Challenge)


Sorry this one is a little late.  Yesterday was very hectic, and I did not get the chance to do stuff ahead of time like I wanted to.

Well, I actually did have the chance, I just sat here like a lump and stared at the screen and didn't do anything.  You know how it is.

Anyway.  "C" is for "Conference Room".  Or "Captain's Cabin". 

This Star Morph is of a senior administrative level, suitable for putting right next to a starship bridge or whatnot. 

1. Access Ladder:  This alcove connects the Conference Room to the decks above and below in case the lift is malfunctioning.

2. Maintenance Alcove: Robots and organics use this area to repair the computer subsystems and lift machinery on this level.

3. Lift: At ten feet in diameter, the lift can hold up to six fully armed and armored troops if needed.  Be careful...

4. Captain's Suite: These rooms are for the ship's Commander. On larger spacecraft, a suite of this size could be used by department heads or the ship's XO.  The door opens into a large office/lounge space, and beyond that there is a bedroom and private bath, with a large storage closet. 

5. Conference Room: This area is dominated by a large meeting table with an open center so that holograms can be projected, or it may be used individuals invited to speak.  For a Junior Officer or Crewer, being ordered to debriefings - or worse, hearings - in the Conference Room is known as standing in "The Ring of Fire".  There are two monitor consoles for stenographers and a small refreshment alcove.

6. Head: Because there need to be a bathroom, dammit!

7. Office Bloc:  This suite is configured into office space for three officers, most likely the XO and other department heads.  Each office features a desk with a dedicated computer console just behind.  Two of the offices have refreshment alcoves, and are use by the more senior officers.

Of special note on this map are the two "W" corridors in the center of the long axis.  These are extra opening that allow a Star Morph to be centered on top of another, in a "T" shape.  Only a few of the Morphs will have these, and because they are extras they are marked with a "W" for "Wild".  According to the evolving rules for using Star Morphs, when a map with Wild corridors is pulled, the player has the option of using those corridors instead of rolling to see what fits where.

Tomorrow is the last post of the week, and it will be brought to us by the letter "D", the number "4" and will most likely not feature any Sesame Street or other Muppets references.

Most likely.


  1. how fun! i love sci fi and these layouts make me want to jump into a rocket! great style and designs! i'm curious to see how many you come up with!
    happy c day!


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