Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quick Defence Cannons (Stgar Morphs A to Z Challenge)

This map was done Saturday afternoon.  It rained all weekend.  I have satellite internet, so it was impossible to load ahead of time.  Then, Sunday night, the web browser stops working.  Completely.  I spent most of the morning downloading a new one onto my portable hard-drive using my daughter's lap-top.  The part that messes with me the most:  This map was the most complex I've done for the challenge yet, and it was done early.


Anyways, this map shows a bank of Quick - Defense laser cannons, suitable for protecting a large capital ship from bothersome fighters and frigates and things.  The deck has three pressure doors that open it to space - if your setting allows, have the ports protected by  atmosphere containment fields.  If not, the assume the entire deck is depressurized during combat.
1. Maintenance Access:  On a deck like this, maintenance is critical.  Depressurized versions of the QuiD Cannon deck will have a gas-tight door covering the access.

2. Ladder:  Like above, the depressurized versions of this deck will have gas-tights that seal off the ladder, which will restrict access.

3. Lift:  Assuming all your lifts are like mini-life pods (many SF settings imply this), the lift should have no trouble delivering crew to the depressurized QuiD Deck.  That being said, it will not open with unsuited crew inside if there is no pressure on the outside.  Safety first!

4. Anti-Starfighter Laser Turret:  These are the fastest tracking guns on the ship, and small transports use under powered versions as anti-pirate defenses. If it weren't for the fact that combat tractor beams are constantly sweeping the perimeter of the capital ship in an effort to slow down and deflect missile weapons, starfighters would be far to fast to target with something that relies on human reaction time.  Now you know.

5. Medium Defensive Battery:  These are the guns most beings think of when they hear the term" QuiD Cannon".  The battery consists of three medium laser cannons that are mounted on rails, allowing them to deploy for combat and then retract for servicing.  The cannon can traverse and elevate in their gunports with a fair degree of freedom, allowing the QuiD Cannons to cover a wide area of the ship's hull.

6. Capacitor Banks:  Each gun is fed by half a dozen capacitors, allowing them to function under constant fire for the early salvos in an engagement.  The Capacitors feed into the cannon mounting rail, making these rails a hazard when the guns are in use.

7. Monitor Stations:  These stations monitor temperature and power flow to the cannons, as well as integrate targeting information from local sensors and the main array.  When released from central direction, these stations provide the QuiD battery's local control.  The Battery Captain will be posted here.

8. Outer Hull:  Logically, the hull around the gunports would be thickly armored and well shielded.  In reality, the needs of mounting back-up sensor nodes, heat sinks, radiators, tractor beams, and of course, the interference between full combat shields and atmosphere containment systems make the hull around the QuiD systems notoriously thin-skinned.  

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