Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Repair Bay (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)

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Some times things breaks down.  The Repair Bay is where large equipment  and small spacecraft can be broken down and put back together again. 

1. Locker Room:  This is a place where workers and maintenance crew can change and wash up.  The extra large shower can be used for communal washing but is mainly for emergency decontamination.

2. Workshop: Workspace, fabricators, and the like are found here.  The Workshop can fabricate new parts and materials if needed, from circuit boards to new tools.  Robots, computers and other machines are routinely services in similar compartments.

3. Alcove: Miscellaneous cargo, parts, and other gear are kept in these alcoves out of the way.  It's close enough to get to easily, and far enough out of the way to not be a hazard.

4. Monitor Stations: A pair of monitor stations are on either side of the main work space, which control the gantry, elevator, and allow techs to pull up information in a hurry.

5. Elevator:  This massive slab of insulated metal sits on anti-gravity nodes and is used to move  large cargos and construction projects from deep storage or the hangers up into the Repair Bay.

6. Gantry:  When magnetic or gravitic systems are being repaired, using anti-grav cranes is unreliable and dangerous,  this old-fashioned gantry can haul heavy loads from any point in the Repair Bay to where it is needed.

7. Maintenance Drone Bay:  A half-dozen repair bots are housed in this compartment, where they are recharged.  For servicing, the drones can simply be taken to the workshop.

8. Office/ Breakroom: There are a pair of offices in this space that can be used by supervisors or assistants to organize work orders and information.  There is a small rest area as well, and yes, that includes coffee.

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