Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Outer Compartments (Star Morph A to Z Challenge)

Okay, I'll admit that "Outer Compartments" is a bit of a stretch, but with so many good letters already taken, I needed to get creative.  It's not like you can leave stuff out like Escape Pods, Life boats, Airlocks and Damage Control, even if you've used the letters already.  So..."Outer Compartments" it is.

1. Maintenance Access:  Same as always.

2. Lift:  The lift, coincidentally, holds the same number of people as the escape pods.   Convenient, no?

3. Ladder Access:  This also allows DC crews and bots to swarm out to different levels in the event of loss of power.

4. Main Airlocks:  These can link up to other spacecraft, and allow for mass movement of large cargo, but the main reason for the airlock to be located here is to allow the rapid deployment of damage control robots to the outer hull.  The bulky EVA suits used by engineers and techs are stored and recharged here.

5. Robot Drone Storage: Up to twenty robots can be charged and maintained in this room at one time.  There are mainly used guessed it, damage control.
6. Escape Pods:  A half-dozen, eight being pods line the exterior walls of the Outer Compartments.  The pod has rations, water, and survival gear for it's occupants for up to a week. The pod itself is short range - it can find a planet and land, and that's about it.

7. Damage Control Room:  This is one of the main emergency command posts for directing repairs during combat and other crises.  The walls are lined with lockers holding tools, emergency supplies, wiring, piping - anything you can think of to get a section of the ship running again.  There are workstations here to help coordinate robots and live crews, as well as a large view screen to display schematics to facilitate repairs on critical systems.

The thing with an area like the Outer Compartments from a Players perspective is that it's a dream come true.  The escape pods are loaded with treasure, there are lots of places to hide, and if your job is to sabotage a enemy craft, the DC central is the place to be.  You not only have access to tools to rip up anything on board, the computers have helpful blueprints to show you the place to destroy.
For GMs, the presence of twenty robots that can be remote operated or sent to "detain" pesky PCs is the mitigating factor...


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